Abandoned abattoir

by Berckmans Peter July. 21, 2019 141 views

The abattoir of Antwerp is already for many years empty.As a child I knew it still in working order. Nowadays it is for 95% empty and in a bad shape. The place is very big and they have tried to give it a new purpose. Once there was a skatepark in it and many young people went there. Another part was used by the city for storage. And they tried a few other things. It would make a great eventhall or sportshall. You have 3 big halls that can be converted in many things.

One thing I can say, it lies in the wrong part of the city. It is not the most safe plart of our city. But the place has got great potential and would be a boost for the neighbourhood if they just did something with it.

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Camellia 2 months ago

It is always sad to see these types of structures go to waste. Your post reminded me of Heike's post  as to how they converted a place similar this one into an atelier 
I have not doubt, just like you said that if they did transform it to something useful the neighborhood would be boosted. Very good pictures.

2 months ago Edited
Berckmans Peter Replied to Camellia 2 months ago

Hope the city can turn it in something good

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Antonio Gil 2 months ago

Love this kind of urban decay pictures.

2 months ago Edited
Berckmans Peter Replied to Antonio Gil 2 months ago

Thanks, places enough here. But not all open for public

2 months ago Edited
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