From the garden and the conservatory this June. There has been enough rain to make the growth lush and green and enough sun to bring on the flowers - lovely!

I have been playing in the garden again - the flowers are really lovely at the moment. We don't have a huge garden and it's much more fun taking photos than it…

A series of photos taken of another gift of love - I shall use one for a valentines card to show him that I care too!

I was given these beautiful tulips and was driven to point my lenses at them - to the point of distraction!! The results are interesting I think?

A miserable damp day - but a surprising photo opportunity - a busy spider among the parts of our crazy water feature - light catching the droplets of dew….bingo…

The project for today was to get some interesting shots from my Christmas cactus plant, with my macro lens. Like to hear some comments!