8 years and a sign

by Melissa May. 25, 2010 290 views

Today is Gavin and my 8th wedding anniversary. He's survived that long, ha ha! We're actually going to go out on the weekend, so we just had dinner at home and then Gavin took the boys up to the neighborhood pool as it just opened for the season. I was going up to meet them after I cleaned up the dinner dishes. My Dad called and I hadn't talked to him since the Ally's Army event on Saturday. We were talking about it, and he had told me that someone was telling him how they saw me crying while he and my sis were up on stage and during the Day in the Life of Ally video. Great. Well, really I don't care. Nothing wrong with letting a little pent up emotion out. After I hung up with him though, I started thinking about the video again. My niece, battling cancer in her daily life. Going to the hospital for chemo. It makes me so sad, not just because she's my niece, and not just because she's only an 8 year old girl, but because every time I look at her, I see my Mom. Seeing her battle through this at times it is just like reliving watching what my Mom went through. I don't really allow myself to think about my Mom much during the day because I know if I did, I'd never get through it. I usually save it for when I'm alone or at night before bed. But as I was walking up to the pool, I looked over into the clouds–clouds that I had noticed earlier in the day that seemed prettier than usual–and saw a small fire rainbow. I had never heard of a fire rainbow before, until my sister saw one and captured it on camera on our first Mother's Day without our Mom. She took it as a sign, and I did too, even though I didn't see it. How does a rainbow just show up in the sky when there is no rain? I know there's a scientific explanation to it, but for me it's a sign. And I've been waiting for one for so so long. I tried to get as best a pic of it as I could, but it seemed my camera phone got a better shot than my Canon. I texted Janel and Nicki about it, but neither of them saw it. It wasn't until I got home though, and as I was folding laundry, that I put it all together in my head. I was the only one to see it, this day that's significant to ME, and my Mom knows that. I had just been thinking of her when I saw it! It's a rainbow from the heavens above, and I take that as a sign. Like Nicki told me, that's her way of saying hello. Never have I seen one before, but from now on when I notice one, I will for sure stop to say hello right back.

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Gretch01 11 years, 3 months ago

Of course I'm bawling!! You are a great person, Happy Anniversary!!

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David Cardona 11 years, 4 months ago


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