Crystal Ball

by Phil Child May. 11, 2017 623 views

Not a new concept Just just had to give it a go 

Day one, tried a 40mm ball, a little to small I thought. (excuse the moon)

Ball image

Day Two, a larger 80mm arrived. Much nicer size to handle, tired to capture a flower, but, it just looks like a flower, not so much like a crystal ball.

Day three, Went out at night, while wire spinning tried to capture the flames in the ball.

Day four, tried it on a moving vehicle.

Day five, Liking the effect but, due to refraction the image inside the ball is up side down.  So learnt to turn the image in the ball round and right way up.

Day six, learning to swap perspective and highlight colour. 


Next day??? stars, water, hills, light, lines and the list goes on, lots to learn. 

Thanks for looking and joining me on the journey 

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