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Hey there!

I am a fellow creative just like you. I have all kinds of ideas running around in my head and creating brings me joy and peace. However, so many places you can congregate on the web are more competition than shared experiences. That's not really my scene.

I thought about hosting a "regular" blog but the odds of someone stumbling on it are really low. I tried instagram, and that frustrated me because I was too worried about likes and follows. I'm hopeful that PB is that sweet spot in-between.

I don't have any false illusions about what I create. Every now and again things click. Most often its okay. Sometimes I look back and think YIKES! what was I thinking. It's really the journey, right? And, sharing it with the like-minded people.

CC and ideas are always welcome. I'd even enjoying seeing what you created that is related to anything I post.


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  • Canon 80D and Rebel T6 with kit and non-kit lenses.
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