by Timothy Bullock January. 01, 2017 850 views

Happy New Year!!

As we enter a new year, may we find ourselves making new pictures, with challenge and perspective.

This is my picture for the 365-day Photoblog Challenge, titled "Beginning". I spent days trying to figure out what I could do that would be creative, and couldn't think of anything reasonable.

So today, I spent a good hour and a half trying to work with lighting techniques, and composition, and props, and anything else I could get my hands on. I was about to call it quits, when one of my props I had been working with, was just sitting there, and it seemed to be calling to me "Hey! look at me!" So I did, and when I did, I got the idea that is shown below with a few different effects.

The way I got the ornaments to stay put was hard! It was tedious trying to get them to stay up on one another. I finally ( after many attempts) got it to work.


This picture is the beginning of the new year

Beginning #2

B&W picture

trying different effects!

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