A Semi in the night lights

by Timothy Bullock August. 11, 2017 850 views

I was working with some night pictures with lighting and special effects, when I got this great idea to use toy vehicles to use as subjects. Actually got the idea from @Thomas2. I thought it would be neat and probably my last picture set before heading to college. I will continue to do the blogging at college when I have some free time.

The way I made this happen was the direction and brightness of the lighting. For the nighttime one, I shone the light directly on the subject to cast a shadow over the city. The early morning shot, I decreased the brightness of the light and pointed it more in a downward position from the top of the truck. The light then also reflected off the city backdrop and caused it to look like a sunrise.

Truck in the early morning outside a city.

Truck in the early morning outside a city.

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