Cleansing the mind

by Kathleen Casenas January. 04, 2017 174 views

Day 4 / 365

My older sister gave our father a book about mindfulness for the holidays. Though it was specifically meant to keep him calm when he gets on one of his tempers, I thought I could use some of the ancient wisdom it imparts,  and so I decided to attend to the little page turner. I always thought our youngest sister was astounding with the way she could remember minute details that I never take note of,  like where we parked the car or how to get back to the hotel,  but reading the passages, I realized she was just acutely attentive to her surroundings. 

One would think it would be quite an easy feat to just pay a little more attention but quieting the chattering monkey in your mind to allow yourself to simply observe the present moment is a challenge for most,  especially more so for someone who is so accustomed to spending many a school hour daydreaming away. So I've been doing some practice while commuting and I was genuinely surprised to find new details I've dismissed from the road I take almost every day. 

I never knew living in the present could be so liberating. 

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