Blue moon - use a tripod! (#PhotoBlog365 - May 19)

by Piotr Matura May. 19, 2019 275 views

"Once in a blue moon" - it is said about something that happens really rarely. Origin of this phrase is a real astronomical occurence. It refers either to the situation, when there are two full moons in one calendar month or when there are four full moons in one astronomical season, instead of three (and 12 in a whole year) - then, the third of four is named "Blue Moon". It just so happens that Blue Moon happened yesterday (May 18th) and it was the second one of these two possible situations.

I used this as an opportunity for some late night shooting, with a tripod of course! Here are some photos. I am sorry for rather low quality, as my skills in night photography aren't that great and my rather old DSLR adds some noise to the images. I did some post-processing, adjusting contrast, saturation and shadows.

And here is one long-exposure photo of night sky, with some heavy adjustments:

I cropped images to make moon a little bigger, because don't have that long lens or extension tubes yet. That said, I will do a little showing of, because I also used this opportunity to test my new (but bought used) lens - Sigma DL IF 28-200mm f3.5-5.6. I bought it for my analog camera, but my DSLR also have the same mount (Minolta/Sony A), so I can use this hefty, full-frame lens on both of my cameras:

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