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by Piotr Matura June. 12, 2019 200 views

I like music very much. Whether I'm at work, drive my car or relax at home, there is some music playing most of the time. I like it in a indiscriminate way, not limiting myself to any particular genre and finding something I like in many of them (more often on the electronic / rock - heavy / pop side of scale than, let's say rap / techno, but here too). A few years back we (me and my wife) started going to concerts, taking opportunity when some big band or artist that we like visits Poland. Luckily, we live not far from Kraków, in which two big venues opened in recent years, attracting really impressive amount of artists and shows.

Tauron Arena Kraków

Tauron Arena Kraków

Last June we went to a concert of Ozzy Osbourne in Tauron Arena Kraków. He is singer of legendary status, being one of the original members of Black Sabbath band and having very successful solo career. He is (among other names, like the one in the title of this post) dubbed The Grandfather of Heavy Metal, and there really isn't exaggeration in that. Many of Black Sabbath songs and his own ones are all-time hits, and his haunting voice is unmistakable.

The concert was fantastic, Ozzy and his band made a great, powerful show. Let's say that for the first time after many concerts I experienced something that I call "wall of sound", and it literally felt like that. I liked it and the whole concert was an amazing experience :)

Another thing were visuals, which I wanted to share here. While they were not as grand as on the-biggest-bands-open-stadium-concerts, they were really good and made the show much better. I tried to capture this with my phone - quality isn't the best, but not terrible either. Maybe you will like some of the photos ;)

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