The Valley Works

by David Allen July. 04, 2017 682 views

More photos from the past. They were taken in 2005 on a visit to the Valley Works which is now a nature reserve. However this place has a very dark past going back to the years of the second world war. It was so secret that it would have been treason at the time for anybody to have let on what was going on. It was hidden away in a quiet part of North Wales to escape detection.

This was the plant where the UK was preparing poison gas to use if the German invasion had happened. The site remained toxic for many years because of the pits in which faulty gas shells had been buried. It still is only available for supervised access to the nature reserve. There was another even deeper secret. The site was part of the Manhattan project, here was the early prototype plant for the enrichment of Uranium for the development of the atomic bomb.

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