The end of Autumn?

by David Allen November. 11, 2017 703 views

Today I took the camera for a short walk up the lane, I had walked the dog earlier and seen the hedge that was being laid. I had hoped that the light was going to improve which it did, but not as much as I would have liked.

The season is shifting from Autumn to Winter. The bracken has changed colour and this great ash has lost it's leaves.

Harry a local farmer has moved his young cattle on to the field which had grown wheat this summer. Just part of the annual cycle which had started with the field being ploughed in the early spring.

Most of the hedges around us are cut by the farmers using mechanical hedge cutters. One of our neighbours has employed a specialist hedger to layer their field hedge. There are three pictures, the first shows how the shrubs are cut and bent and woven to create a stock proof barrier. Then there are a couple of pictures showing how, using this method, it not only makes a very strong hedge but means that some saplings are selected to grow in to trees.

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