Liverpool the first city in England.

by David Allen June. 01, 2018 581 views

I organised a day out to Liverpool for members of camera club to see the Francesca Woodman and Egon Schiele exhibition at the Tate Gallery. We were a small select group and the exhibition was really worth seeing.

Liverpool was the centre of the slave trade.

The dry dock which houses the Liverpool pilot boat dates back to the time the slave ships departed Liverpool for Africa. They returned from the West Indies with sugar the source of the wealth that lead to the foundation of the Tate Gallery.

The wall of the Maritime Museum which also houses the museum of slavery.

Later Liverpool was to become the centre for the mass migration of Europeans to Canada and the USA. By the 1970's the city had become in a poor state but subsequently there has been massive regeneration.

The craze for adding padlocks as tokens of union has taken hold on the chain fencing overlooking the River Mersey. I could not resist making a commentary on the permanence of these bonds.

Ask any Liverpudlian which is the first city in England and the answer is obvious!

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Great set !

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Berckmans Peter 1 year, 9 months ago

Like this post,thanks for sharing

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Thanks Peter.

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