Day 24 - lead me to your light source

by 0mg, Its Jocelyn! September. 08, 2009 1228 views

I have a pretty crappy camera, a 7 megapixel camera in fact.. I know some point and shoot cameras out these days are 10 or higher. Someday, I'll save up to buy myself a DSLR camera, just not right now.

Anyway, today I wanted to try one of those light writings/light graffiti.. my camera only has a night setting, so it's pretty hard to work with just that. No ISO or speed to control.. difficult I tell you!

First I tried doing it by myself, failed.. the 10 timer setting wasn't enough for me to run into place to figure how I would do it. So, I asked my nephew's assistance, of course he wondered why I made him move his finger light all weird for no reason. lol The end result?

It out fine for a pretty crappy camera. huh?

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