The 34th Annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run, (PART TWO)...."The Lighter Side"

by Kenny H May. 08, 2013 4862 views

In my post before this one, I showed the basic happenings of the annual “Blue Cross Broad Street Run” held here in Philadelphia. There were a few strange but funny points during the race. In addition to the wedding gowns, ballerina tutus, tuxedos, and bumble bee costumes that flew by….I managed to capture these.

Well into the run you saw people racing in sombreros and panchos…
one sombrero wearing fellow was running with a giant taco,
but he got past me.

In addition to people running with the American flag,
flags and tee shirts printed with “Boston Strong” emblazoned across it….
was this guy.
Patriotic eh?

The man below was actually running with a similar suited fellow in purple suit like this….

Dunkin Donuts coffee always puts a few ringers in as an advertisement every year…

This spandex outfit didn't even have eyeholes…
Go figure.

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Lyndphotography 8 years ago

You went to the broad street run? NO way I live very close to Philadelphia!

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Chossid 8 years ago


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Marsha 8 years ago

Lots of color, excitement and happy smiles....great post!

8 years ago Edited
Holly Crocker 8 years ago

I always love a road race with costumes! Looks like this was a fun one. :)

8 years ago Edited
G B 8 years ago

pretty cool! I was in Philly the other day with my daughter, I'll be posting some pics soon ;)

8 years ago Edited
Nanci A Mattos Nanci 8 years ago

Very cool and fun, but do not understand it, the color purple suit?

8 years ago Edited
Mikkal Noptek 8 years ago

Looks like fun !!

8 years ago Edited
Ann Garratty 8 years ago

What fun! That patriotic chap in No 2 looks like he is running with a young Bill Cosby...

8 years ago Edited
Jacki 8 years ago

Now THAT looks like a fun race to watch! Fun set!

8 years ago Edited