Portreeslim's posts from December 2008

While J focused on the mud, I thought I'd show a bit of the scenery. The local church is from about 1100ish.

It actually feels like a LIVING room for the first time since we moved in. See entries for 15th-17th to see what it looked like.

we bought this at our local Christmas craft fair, it was made by the dev….er…woman that sold us this house.

this was what the walls in the living room looked like before I plastered them. Seemed like a good project for the week before Christmas.

I know we weren't going to post pictures of our loos until we got really desperate, but I put down this cork floor today and didn't have a picture of anything…

The road to Kendal, which has, as well as famous mint cake, pretty much everything we can't get in Penrith (except culture), is thru the southern bit of the…

I've found a way of dealing with the creeping Yuletidiness. The two handled cup is a traditional Scottish quaich, and it improves the taste of the whiskey.

There's no avoiding it now. I kept the doors locked, but it managed to creep thru a crack. Soon I shall be expected to be cheerful. Blegh.

six sliders and some giant scallops at The Seafood Temple.All in a building that used to be the public toilets.
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