Old goats like old boats. The Vasa.

by Portreeslim May. 11, 2009 1035 views

We saw this on Sunday, I had to post some pics. It sunk in 1628 on it's maiden voyage- top heavy, never should have been built- and lay in Stockholm harbor for 333 years. Over 90% of it is original.

This is what it would have looked like.

This is the stern today.

it's housed in a huge building with 3 sets of doors to keep the environment optimal for preservation. It was flushed with a mix of water and polyethylene glycol for 17 years to replace the water in the wood with preservative.


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Rezinka 8 years ago

Impressive boat.

8 years ago Edited
Soulcurry 8 years ago

Yo, who you callin' [i]goats[/i]? Love dem boats. What a treat.

8 years ago Edited
Portreeslim 8 years ago

er, yes, I suppose it is. Commodious space, no?

8 years ago Edited
Websterella 8 years ago

Is that the "poop deck"?

8 years ago Edited
Megaera 8 years ago

Ahem... old goats, plural? Hmph.

8 years ago Edited
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