People Remind Me of Clouds

by Shay Smith March. 09, 2017 1219 views

We're all different shapes and sizes; short, skinny, corpulent, small, big, tall --

When clouds conceal the sun that lights our day,

It's scary how we're capable of taking someone else's happiness away

Sometimes we're surrounded by other Clouds, sometimes we're by ourselves

Sometimes we judge other Clouds, as we'd judge books on shelves

Clouds are driven by the wind, but stop when they no longer have the support

As people have their own purpose, motivation; filled with hope

A crisis encountered can intend to cease it --

Mentally, and spiritually decreasing like a negative slope

Some days we're big and bright! Wanting to be in sight,

Other days we're small and dull.... slightly invisible

We're yellow, red, pink, grey, black, and white.

People remind me of clouds,

Every day, every hour, every minute, every second we change

It is how high we are in the atmosphere -- that separates us

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