Dear Mr. President

by Xavi June. 04, 2008 1155 views

Dear Mr. President,

I'm not an american citizen and I don't even want to be. actually, I prefer “illegal inmigrant” label, than being ruled by you. trust me.

I belong to the troubled and ooooold Europe.

I'm just writting you from my blog to say nothing new. Since, you became the President of the United States I had the feeling that something wrong would start happening from the very beginning.

you have been the worst president ever had the States. neither managing the power nor being popular. you absolutely did nothing for 8 years.

as usual, using techniques from 60's, the rule is quite simple; war means technology, technology means industry, industry means economy, and in certain extend money. and money means some private business. Nothing of these enchained statements I can prove. in any case, once more, nothing new.

your golden eagles are even cleverer than you. you remind me a texas farmer. and I'm very proud of farming industry, without them, nothing to bring to the mouth.

may be it's too late to complain and change something. the question would be, if I started complainnig before, do you thing anything would have been changed? I don't think so. you always won under dark conditions. because of your golden eagles, not due to your meritocracy.

the only sad thing is when you come back to texas, you will have time to rethink about the past. and then, only then you may realized what a goodwill you deployed for 8 years. may be, you never realize.

if i were you, i would feel desoleé. as it is said in France. do you know where is France, Mr. President? please, do not answer.

in any case, this post goes to the humans beings, just to warn us that we do not deserve presidents like this anymore.

thank you oliver. but, the real heroes stays in the front line in the very begining without fears. not when the danger fades away.

now it's time to sing and dance: []


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