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hi folks,

new post, a tribute to another godness: banksy. nothing new, but real.

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some statements to think about:

“keep it real”

Broken Window Theory []

- criminologists James Q Wilson and George Kelling developed a theory of criminal behaviour in the 1980's that became known as the “broken window theory”.
- they argued crime was the inevitable result of disorder and that if a window in a building is smashed but not repaired people walking by will think no-one cares. then more windows will be broken, graffitti will appear and rubish get dumped. the likelihood of serious crime being committed then increases dramatically as neglected becomes visible.
- the researchers believed there was a direct link between vandalism, street violence and the general decline of society.
- this theory was the basis of the infamous NYC crime purge of the early 90's and the zero-tolerance attitude to graffitti.

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