It's you, stupid!!!

by Xavi July. 11, 2008 1488 views

yesterday, I read in the news something astonishing. a japanese engineer died under the effects of karoshi. his body was sadly discovered by his daughter. pretty sad. []

karoshi is nothing new. believe me. it’s a kind of disease, due to the huge overtime for a long period of time. this man was working more than 80 extra-hours per month. nights, weekends, holidays and so on. it means 20 extra-hours per week. it was 50% overloaded, taking as a basis 40 hours per week. the guy was working 150%, the whole week.

surprisingly, the japanese government tracks this illness, among others, in official lists, in order to understand how companies are taking care of their employees, and to know if this is becoming a social issue.

I would like to bring the discussion onto the personal side. some questions to bear in mind, for the following thing: what is driving us, working like hell, to death?

- Recognition?
- Loneliness?
- Money?
- Stupidity?

somebody called Abraham Maslow depicted and rationalized what are the human being expectations and motivations. and with a pyramid of needs and aspirations, we understand ourselves in terms of reactions. Maslow was a pretty good observer, giving us the rule.'s_hierarchy_of_needs []

now, I think we need a some sort of Maslow’s statement saying, “if you work like hell, then you die”. and add this to the famous pyramid, just to understand that we have to move away from overtime forever.


PS: this post goes to the japanese engineer. []

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Joy 13 years ago

That's... pretty sad :[ Great picture though, I like how it ties in which the whole karoshi thing.

13 years ago Edited
Ira 13 years ago

well i think, that it's a stupid rat race driving us to do such things. and it's not a personal problem, but a social one. people around us seem to live in better conditions, seem to eat better food (etc.) and seem to have a better life as an effect of hard work. it is absolutely normal that we don't want to differ, but there must be some border we cannot cross. and of course there is always a question if being better than others is good... i don't need it.

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Jakelawrence 13 years ago

What compels us to work so much we [i]die[/i]? It may be a personal mental disorder, or, more logically, it could be the socio-economic system itself. Do you think it's more likely that he strove to work [i]just to work[/i], or stove to work to [i]pay the bills[/i]? Wage slavery may be a leading factor.

Oh, and awesome picture, man. :)

13 years ago Edited