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by Christopher Pounds February. 13, 2017 565 views

My wife and I like to explore, both the world around us, and the world, in general. We often go on hikes and nearby excursions, such as Thacher Park in the Capital District or Vroman's Nose in Middleburgh, NY. In fact, my wife and her sister-in-law are attempting to complete the New York Fire Tower Challenge, which involves hiking and scaling the mountains of NY with Fire Towers.

Our most recent adventures have included hiking Vroman's Nose Loop Trail and hiking Thacher Park in the snow (not an easy task, especially with a DLSR hanging on your body).

Vroman's Nose is a simple trail, with a slight to slightly steep incline, and its about 1.3 mile loop. The best part of the trail is about halfway and two-thirds of the way through, where you stand on a cliffside of about 500 feet, and get a direct view down the valley of the start of the Catskill Mountains. Its a gorgeous view, and a nice little excursion that really can get the heart pumping a bit.

After finishing the hike at Vroman's Nose, we began our drive back. And happened to come across an "old" wooden covered bridge. Well it turned out that it was a reconstruction built in the 80's for the rail trail, but it was a beautiful piece of work, and we had to stop and enjoy it.

The most recent excursion was back to our go-to favorite: Thacher Park. This beautiful NATURAL escarpment overlooks Albany, NY about 800-1000 feet above the Capital District. The best part about this excursion was there was a fresh layer of snow (which also made it hard to walk through the trails) so the photos included something I had never before tried to capture: Winter! (that, and NYS hasn't seen a real winter in almost 3-4 years! Haha). The first shot is of an "iconic" cabin, which has been featured in a few photography posts and magazines, usually surrounded by green, summer trees, or colorful, fall trees. To add to the pleasure of this image, I played around with tilt-shift editing to create a miniaturized look, which I will say the elevation and angle of the escarpment is perfect for this style of photography.

And of course, no hike with a beautiful woman could be complete without some portraits of said beautiful woman. My wife of course is the woman I am referring, and she tends to be my "practice model" for a lot of my fun/practice shoots. These shots were processed to my usual preferences, trying to recreate the photo exactly as I remember it, and not just what the sensor captured.

One of the best tips afforded to me over the last few years of shooting has been very simple: You have the camera, get out and SHOOT! Photography is a skill that only gets better with honing and use, but if you sit back and let the dust collect on your gear, the same will happen with you skills.

I hope you enjoyed a little look into some of my most recent shots, and I hope to be posting again REALLY SOON!

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