Dance of light and shadow

by Priti Yadav September. 28, 2017 668 views

Once upon in the mist day I just ran to street to street in every corner, there two dancing figures captured my eyes. They danced for all day and night long.

This is the twin image formation of both The Sun (light) and shadow (shadow), in a bucket full of water.

A beautiful, colourful lights stretching in a row playing long arms in arms which were present at outside of school permise's for Ramleela occasion.

Looks like a devotional one!

Coming to take you in arms softly that all shadows disappear and got mix into it as fumes.

It's a view of Central Delhi.

An eve Independence day when whole sky was playing with all grey colours to shower light or sometimes rain. Or I suppose that the sun is peeping through grey cloud's window to have a look on earthy creatures.

An evening through metro. Heading for home and this moment took all my tiredness on a quick finger tap. Wink.

A shadow that encrypting a couple's togetherness. From my view.

A light heart candid way! Sudden happiness.

An escape from absurb reality of the world. Where Alice could find herself in a beautiful, parallel dream world. Night study like once I used to do at my childhood, dive into my blanket and just turn on the torch/lamp (which could be easily available) be on relax mode.

Hope all adventurers would like this dance of light and shadow which continuously flowing in everyone's life. Enjoy.

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