Patricia's PhotoBlog

Working with the macro ~ trying to have the detail work on the column be in focus and everything above & below not in focus.

Clock face that is from my great-grandfather's clock. My mother had it for years and now I am the keeper of the clock.

My husband's 97 year old Grandmother used this for years to type letters to her family. I am so blessed to be the caretaker of her trusty 'ole typewriter.

Little red dress doll ~ only about 3 inches tall ~ that was my Grandmother's. Love this little thing .

Another gray day here. Very gray . Perhaps that's what led me to take this silly photo today. A farm and barn I have driven by almost daily for the last 11+…

What is there to do on a day that it's -1 outside & -20 with the wind chill ~ make cheesy potato soup, of course!