Patricia's Gardens ~ Fall & Winter Posts

We planted a Hoopsi Blue Spruce in memory of my Mom 8 years ago. It's almost 20 feet tall now and so beautiful!

Roads were icy this morning and so the bus was late. While we were waiting, I noticed the droplets on the branches. It didn't turn out quite as crisp as I'd…

Annual yard clean-up day: everybody helps ~ whether they want to or not! Lucky for us, the kids enjoyed it!!

Even if something is left undone, everyone must take time to sit still and watch the leaves turn. ~ Elizabeth Lawrence

Even the berries on the burning bush are starting to shrivel … a sure sign that winter is on the way!

Ssssshhhhhh …. don't tell the geranium it's fall! Maybe she won't notice and she'll keep blooming :o)

I don't usually post more than one photo ~ but the views this morning were just breathtaking! It started snowing last night about 8 and this morning we had…

Snow storm blew through last night & left us with a nice thick blanket of snow. Luckily the holly is tucked up close to the house & didn't get hit too hard.