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1-1-08 Welcome! I'm embarking on a new adventure this year ~ a photo a day. I enjoy taking photos and would very much like to learn to take better photos. I'm hoping that this adventure will be two-fold: it will be a unique documentation of a year in our lives & hopefully I will be a better photographer by the end of the year. Thanks for looking and any suggestions are welcome.

12-31-08 Well, I did it! What an amazing way to document a year in our lives. I'm taking a break from the photo-a-day, but will start up again after tax season is over.

12-31-10 Obviously I didn't start up again after tax season back in 2009, but I'm excited to be back for 2011! I've got a new camera that I'm hoping to learn a lot about in the year ahead. Looking forward to reconnecting with friends I made on photoblog before and to making new friends. Tips are always encouraged as I learn more and more about the art of photography!


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