Siem Reap

by Rain March. 31, 2008 1646 views

After 6 hours of bus ride (a very professionally operated company), I arrived in Siem Reap only to be greeted by a thunder-rain-shower, which almost felt like a tropical storm (luckily I had already arrived at the guesthouse then).

I had to catch up with my journals anyways, so I took some time resting and watching some interesting mixture of CNN news, TWnese entertainment shows, HKnese soap operas, Japanese shows, and even the Chinese oversea Phoenix Channel. (and of course local Cambodian channel, or Cambodian-dubbed foreign programs).

During the evening, I walked through the central, busy area of Siem Reap, and found it much more Western than the capital, though not as crowded in the chaotic sense.

This particular foreign restaurant street, felt like Yale Town in Vancouver, with lots of trendy restaurant/bar, and plenty European tourists. (Europeans are the majority here, I've seen few North Americans, while surprisingly amount of Chinese backpacking travelers often in pairs or small groups, from HK, China, but none yet from TW =,= )

Once again, I was often mistaken to be Korean or Japanese. And the Cambodians are very friendly and nice, as even though they are curious or they are eager to get business, they stay polite and distanced, as not to invade your private space.

I've had a very good impression on this country, and like it here very much!

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