Angkor- day 2

by Rain April. 02, 2008 1774 views

My new friends, Julie and Sarah, and I started out heading north to visit this famous temple, Benteay Srei, for its delicate carving, which was rumored to have been crafted by a female artist.

Then we visited about 3 or 4 more temples, hence completing the important temples in the Angkor Wat region. In the afternoon, we headed south to visit the Floating Village.

I must say, on the ways from temple to temple, we did catch a glimps of local Cambodian's livelihoods. And although the villages in the Angkor Archeological Park are mostly sponsored or donated by foreigners. The farther out of the Siem Reap city, the poor the livelihoods are.

These people are basically living in a one-room hut. And while we felt like peeking right into their privacy, they really don't possess much at all.

The river leading to the lake was a muddy, yellow color, and so was the lake itself. The boat-houses habitants are fishing family who sell their catch to import out of Cambodia. It wasn't as romantized as how I was expecting it. Perhaps it would have been prettier in wet season, or perhaps, isn't tourism about beautifying and glorifing for the purpose of promoting attractions?

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