Angkor- day 3

by Rain April. 03, 2008 1907 views

Today is the last day of my Angkor pass. But I was so exhausted to a point that I couldn't keep my eyes open, although I still got up around 7:30 this morning, because I've been so used to the early starts for the past few days.

As my energy burned out, I rested and tried to catch up on my journals (there are so many thoughts that I want to write down before I forget).

So, seeing that I didn't want to waste a day of my pass, I got a bycycle from the guesthouse and went for a final stroll of the Angkor. (the scooters here are the manual ones; and they don't allow rental to foreigners in Siemp Reap, although they do in Phnom Penh).

I basically, covered the mini tour I did on the first day, in reverse. And visiting two or three temples that I missed, before it started to get too dark, and I had to head back.

It was really nice to just bike through the jungles, and the adventages is that I get to control the pace, and where I want to stop (to avoid ventors), also without the motor-hummings.

I should have done this on the first day, but anyway, that's the end of my temple tours. I plan to visit a children's village tomorrow, and hope to spend some time there with the kids.

I will head back to Phnom Penh the day after, since regretably it would have been too rushed to stop by anywhere else.

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