last day in Siem Reap

by Rain April. 04, 2008 1864 views

I visited the Sunrise Children's Village this morning. It is an NGO place trying their best to provide a shelter and education for the abanded or the poorest children.

There are a little over 100 children at the Siem Reap branch. The kids go to the 4-hours public schooling, and come back to the village to recieve more lessons from the teachers emplyed by the organization. The hope for these children lies on the things they learn, since solely the education could get them sponsored through scholarship.

The children stay until 17, and the organization mad sure they are put through higher education, or placed with employments. It seems that Sunrise is struggling with resources, because although the facility provides the essential necesseties, the hygene of the living space, and the lack of play space for the children, was heart-breaking.

On the other hand, when I visited the SOS Children's Village, the grandeur of their facility was uncomparable with the Sunrise. SOS not only provide a living family house for the children, it also houses its own schools and vocational training centre.

From the staff at SOS, I've learned that the children can go to post-secondary school for free-of-tuition if they recieve grades of A or B. And a year of their post-secondary school costs around US$300. Imagine!!

I still haven't sorted out how this experience would effect me. There are surely things to do to help, but it's just the matter of deciding the best method for myself.

My last spot of the day, un-surprisinly for the people who know me well, was the Public Library at the Center for Khmer Studies. It was basically a small room, offering resources to research scholars, students, tour guides, and the general public.

I'm heading back to Phnom Penh tomorrow, and hoping to visit the National Library. ^^

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