Day 60: worn out; torn apart

by Rain October. 30, 2008 1667 views


Day 60: Are you getting the clue with the countdown?

These past two month had flew by. In fact, I love my new life in Korea. I love getting back to exploring unfamiliar cities and turning on unexpected corners.

So, it gets down to WORK. I am really unhappy with my new school. Mind you, I love my students, and I DO love teaching, but I cannot stand the back-to-back full-day mechenical teaching schedule. It is absolutely killing my passion for teaching.

I did sign a full year contract, and I did have a history of getting side-tracked (with fancy plans) during my previous commitments. Nonetheless, I had never broken a contract before.

So, I'm torn into two.

I don't want to break my contract,
because I don't want to be a quitter.

I don't want to force myself through it,
because life is not about being unhappy.

So, my current resolution is to stay until my sixth month (so happens to be the end of their school year). Quit then. I would had tried my best to commite and it would be a good ending point for me and the students.

Is it only sounding justified in my head? Am I being rational enough?

self-portrait (wahol-style)

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Rain 12 years, 10 months ago

Thanks Chrissa! (is this Ting-Ting?) I think I'm gonna hold out until the end of the semester, since I've already made the effort to get to know the kids, and them to me.

I am already negotiating for a new schedule with a little less workload. However, I am more concerned with the teaching system, in which we are just stuffing homework pages at the kids. I hate it.

Thanks for keeping track. Hope everything's well with you!

12 years, 10 months ago Edited