Ali Reza's posts from May 2007

Last day my daddy bought 45 Kg of these beans…… We were really busy. You just can enjoy the view but we taste them

These days here as hot as posible……. Poor street animals. I gess cats don`t like water. but these days they lie in water

This lovely garden is in the midlle of my city.Times ago most of my city was like this but now… We shouldn`t let do it with our cities

Thank you for checking my pics…… This place made by nature many many years ago.some people belive this place is the oldest place that nature made in all of the…

As usual I`ll send the original pic if you want… This pic are taken in Iran - Gheshm Island Thank you for check my pics

I love takeing photo from sky…and most of my pic are sky If you want any of my pic just tell me I`ll send it to you as fast as posible. Thank you for visiting…