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I live near by a state park with a decent sized lake and the lakeside vegetation attracts lots and lots of dragonflies. Getting decent images just takes a bit of patience and lots of attempts. A bit of luck helps. All of these were taken with my Lumix G9 with the Lumix 100-300 telephoto. I like the first image mostly because its an interesting pose. Patience rewarded. The second I like because of a bit of luck — the subject posed in just the right way for me to get the face, legs and wings all in tight focus. And while I think the second image is the best technically, my favorite is the third. The first two images were taken while sitting on a boardwalk and the result of just taking image after image until an interesting pose or the correct angle presented itself. The third image was just hard work. The subject was on a tall reed between the boardwalk and the lake and facing away from me at just above my eye level. Just far enough away that I had the telephoto zoomed out to the max. The breeze and movement of the subject kept the reed swaying back and forth. As hard as I tried, I couldn't get the autofocus to lock on to the subject. Sensing that the opportunity would not last much longer, I switched to manual focus and took as many shots as I could before the subject took off, tweaking the focus between each shot. I was not holding out much hope that I got anything useful but the third image below turned out very nicely. Patience, some luck and lots of effort paid off.

Blue Dasher

Blue Dasher

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