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This is my first posting. I hope to complete the challenge of taking and posting a picture a day for 365 days. I wish all others in this pursuit the best of…

OK. This doesn't look like a Winter scene to most of you, but it was 20 degrees when I shot this picture.

These blue clouds hovering above the ocean did change to gray after I shot this photo. Rain and thunder followed very soon thereafter.

The sun was intense, but the air was frigid. He was an easy shot and worked well for my limited schedule.

A late afternoon in the bright sun will give one this opportunity. Until now, I never though of carrying my camera everywhere I go.

A January dawn. This is the eastern sky shot from my back yard. I love the blue. I'll try this again some day when the moon is full.

I wish I could have filmed all the really cool ice formations on the lake. But as luck would have it my batteries died.

I saw this little guy strolling along the lake front. It appears that there was a piece of fishing line trailing from his side. He seemed to be alright and did…
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