Real Moments's 35 Lux Pre Posts

M/S Victoria is a canal boat that has been in operation on the Telemark Canal in Norway since 1882. It usually carries tourists, today it arrives with a school…

We get to know the surroundings the first day of our holiday in Western Norway. The weather was quite windy.

Yesterday we went for a walk along the field. The kids jumped on hay bales and looked at horses and foals in the meadow.

This year on Norway's National Day the streets were empty, but we took the opportunity to walk around a little along the piers and locks in my hometown. I…

I have fallen in love with this tiny lens, a 35mm Summilux from 1979. I can hardly find use for any of my other lenses anymore.

Yesterday we visited a new bird watching tower, but we had to leave rather quickly. The wind was so strong that we almost blew away :-)