Tuesday Inspiration: almost done

by Stefan Fletcher July. 27, 2010 3700 views

Won't be anywhere near a computer (I hope) on Tuesday, so here's my contribution to the TI for 27 July.

If anyone sees a more than passing resemblance in the last three posts, it's purely coincidental. No honest.

Sorry about this image. My monitor ran out of ink. Probably when I was listening to a Schubert symphony. Hmmm.

Thanks to Lynn (Snowpie) for the theme and, as usual, to Helen, for the logistics. Welcome to our latest contributor: Mountainflower.

Below is the list of possible contributors to the latest Tuesday Inspiration. Look for the post dated 27 July:

365DandFeby [photoblog.com], Carmencorina [photoblog.com], Caroleagle [photoblog.com], CathyB [photoblog.com], Chossid [photoblog.com], Djnana [photoblog.com], Florlavag [photoblog.com], Girafferacing [photoblog.com], GKorts [photoblog.com], Imdanchan [photoblog.com], Jan03 [photoblog.com], Jarvo [photoblog.com],JustGood [photoblog.com], KellyBee322 [photoblog.com], Latecomer [photoblog.com], LevonTheLights [photoblog.com], lgnelson [photoblog.com], lisaliu [photoblog.com], Lynda [photoblog.com], Matteahmb [photoblog.com], MoMac [photoblog.com], Mountainflower [photoblog.com], Mystic1 [photoblog.com], Nellinka [photoblog.com], Passerine [photoblog.com], Quiksilver1781 [photoblog.com], Ratcher [photoblog.com], Ryana [photoblog.com], Snowpie [photoblog.com], Tennischick [photoblog.com], TheBronzeBow [photoblog.com], TracySeeger [photoblog.com], Wasichseh [photoblog.com] and Yellodog [photoblog.com]

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Snowpie 9 years, 12 months ago

I like this! it looks like a gate tower I've seen in Tuscany this spring...but I just can't remember the citys name, been to far too much cities in 2 weeks time. :)

9 years, 12 months ago Edited
Helen Hooker 10 years ago

Great take on the theme!

10 years ago Edited
Sadhya Rippon 10 years ago

Work in progress?

10 years ago Edited
Catherine Hollens 10 years ago

Silver and gold? Sepia and grey? Dunno but I like it.

10 years ago Edited
Nick Cavell 10 years ago

Unfinished? I don't know, I'm terrible at this...

10 years ago Edited
Goolikhash 10 years ago

just stay and watch,with no judgment.....
just enjoy something between being and not being...

10 years ago Edited
Dorothe 10 years ago

Great idea for the theme!

10 years ago Edited
Thebronzebow 10 years ago

Nice one! much more creative then me this week :)

10 years ago Edited
Brenda Nelson 10 years ago

Love Schubert - love your shot!

10 years ago Edited
Kaz Terlesky 10 years ago

Really interesting shot. Makes you look once, twice, and then once more. I love when photos do that :)

10 years ago Edited
Jennye 10 years ago

Enjoy your time away from the computer.

10 years ago Edited
Jack Castelo Branco 10 years ago


10 years ago Edited
Paula 10 years ago

love the silver & gold. beautiful.

10 years ago Edited
Moira 10 years ago

Very suitable for the TI

10 years ago Edited
Lynda 10 years ago

Clever for the theme. Have a good time wherever you are going.

10 years ago Edited
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