Grateful for small mercies

by Stefan Fletcher September. 21, 2013 3314 views

I have a soft spot for all of my models and perhaps in particular for this one, Aurore, a charming, extremely intelligent and utterly beautiful young lady. As a model she's perfect with that linear, lithe body, those legs that go all the way down to the ground and what I can only describe as a perfectly proportioned bottom: curvaceous enough to be pleasingly feminine and still streamlined without being bony.

I was so taken with it (in a purely photographic way, naturally) that I tried to “get” it even when its owner was preparing her make-up in an ugly downstairs bathroom used by my models. As you can see, I lead them a terrible life.

This image is hopelessly flawed despite one or two tricks to salvage it, but I post it today because the bloody transformer used to illuminate that hideous bathroom unit (not my doing, you can imagine) has just blown. As I'm stuck with a backlog of work, I'll just have to hope people aim accurately until I can install a new one.

It's still a perfectly streamlined bottom though, and we must be grateful for small mercies.

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Marilyn Grimble 7 years ago

Being grateful for the simple things makes us appreciate a pert bottom when we see one, so to my favs.
She's stream- lined to perfection.

7 years ago Edited
Marsha 7 years ago

Since you're a fan of critique, I'm guessing you won't be offended when I give my opinion. Too much information here....crop just above the top shelf of the vanity, but include some of the curve of the back. Focus goes entirely to the legs. The shot is then perfect ;)) IMHO, of course...

7 years ago Edited
Kenny H 7 years ago

Great composition on this candid shot

7 years ago Edited
Gillian Parsons 7 years ago

Attractive indeed, must be hard being you ;-)

7 years ago Edited
Sandra Vermeulen 7 years ago

To my favs ... love how this looks as a candid shot ...

7 years ago Edited
Antonio Gil 7 years ago

You live a very hard life my friend. Love the composition and the bottom, of course.

7 years ago Edited