Baby Kyle Dylan's Christening and 1st Birthday

by Rheia Ramos-Yeo May. 16, 2017 2809 views

Welcome to the wonderful world of Christ, Baby Kyle Dylan! It was surely a momentous event for this little bundle of joy. Here are some of the interesting moments filled with joy and laughter that were captured.

Party Stlyst / Set Design: Party Magic 

Cake: Jaemee Ang 

Happy happy birthday Boss Baby / Youngest Jedi Kyle Dylan!! Needless to say this has been one of the most amazing sets I have been to, Snoopy or Non-Snoopy fans would agree! It felt like you were actually with the Peanuts gang or inside the Game of Snoopy's Street Fair! So happy to have witnessed this oh so adorable baby boy enter the Christian World and suddenly be Charlie Brown in just a matter of a few hours. Children and adults certainly had a good time with the entertainment that was provided by a non Magician's magician and of course a musical medley that ended up being a variety show of the kids! Everyone had a great time and again happy happy birthday Kyle!

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