Kelvin, Maggie, Kellie and Millie

by Rheia Ramos-Yeo June. 08, 2017 1350 views

What a lovely family of 4 with all the girls sounding like they're part of an 80's girl band! Having the opportunity to capture this bundle of 4 was just a joy seeing them play with each other and learning of their family dynamics. I've known Maggie since we were in high school and what a wonderful mother she has become! You can really feel the love that they all have for each other.

Capturing their family with their quiet intimate moments and just watching them during playtime was certainly quite an experience since we get to have a peak of what family life is life between these four. Love their modern furniture which we made into a toy art studio as well as their kitchen and their office that gives us this modern backdrop right in their very own home. Here's to more memories and of course more ice cream!

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