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Shit day. Literally.

Thats a slight exaggeration but it was literal. I packed for North Carolina this morning and then met Libby and Caroline at 1pm now that their Summer Friday early finishes had started. We got Wasabi for lunch (sushi chain) and sat in Bryant Park to eat. The sun was shining finally and apart from lugging my bag around it was a great day. The girls offered to accompany me to the subway station in Queens where the airport bus leaves from. First we had decided to get an ice cream but unbeknown to me Caroline had picked a specific ice cream shop which required a lot of walking kind of out of the way which took longer than I expected. This is when the rushing began.

It was Memorial Day weekend and I underestimated the amount of people leaving the city on a Friday afternoon in all forms of tranpsort. I was unable to get on the first bus that arrived due to the size of the queue and was forced to wait 20 mins at least for the next one. It then took an age to get to the airport and the time to my flight was counting down: 1 hour, 45 mins, 36 mins...

We had arrived at the penultimate stop, the terminal before mine, and all of a sudden there was a commotion beside me. Most of the volume of people had immersed (which I assume included the culprit) but left behind was a puddle of number 2. Shite. Which took a path of its own when the bus was in motion, only adding to the horror. Thankfully someone had A4 paper which they used to cover it.

I had no time to dwell or consider retching as it was now 20mins before boarding began and I was yet to enter the Terminal at La Guardia. A helpful airport worker on the bus told me where to go and I sprinted for it. I begged with a woman in the security line and she was so kind. She obviously sensed my panic and bumped me to the front of the priority security line then told me to run. I made it to the gate out of breath and sweating 3 minutes before boarding began. I didn't think I would make it but half an hour later I was flying to Charlotte, NC.

Magda and Hannah met me by baggage claim and we walked out to their car. It was great to see them and the heat in Charlotte was bliss. They took me on a wee drive first, down into South Carolina for petrol and Hannah took me into the petrol station to get a QT (slush puppy). The next stop on the intro to Charlotte was Chick-fil-a. WE got chicken sandwiches (burgers) and waffles fries (amazing) then headed to their house.

The rest of the family was there and I got a tour of the house. It was great having seen Sarah last year, to see her again and then to see Beckie and Niall after so many years was strange but comforting. We caught up over our take away and Niall's homemade nachos and we watched Passengers together. I'd missed their sense of humour and down to earth attitude to everything.

I had my own room off the formal dining table, with bathroom and everything. Can't get over how nice their house and back garden/pool are. Makes it very tempting to live here as I'd have to start running JLR to afford a house this big in the UK!

I forgot to take a picture of myself or any of the Budds family in all the excitment so here is a pretty cool view over Manhatten as I took off.

Central Park and surrounding Manhatten

Central Park and surrounding Manhatten

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