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Niall left me to the airport early this afternoon and just as I was about to go through security I got the deaded text: "The University of Strathclyde would like to inform you that your results are ready to view"...

I couldn't bring myself to look before I got through security incase I arose suspicion by crying or grinning too much. So right after I got all my stuff I quickly I logged in and there it was: DISTINCTION. I could not believe it, I rang Mum straight away and could barely speak, she just screamed and said Wow and lot. I even started crying in the airport, which has never happened to me before! The distinction in 4th year means if I were to graduate this year I would have a first!!

I even double checked by working it out on a scrap piece of paper after I hung up with Mum. I tried to get through to Dad but he was busy at work, managed to get him when I was in Baggage Reclaim, and he was chuffed as well. The flight back to New York was quick and the bus back into Queens was significantly less traumatic than the way out.

I met Caroline at Times Square Tower for her keys and headed back to Jefferson Street. Thankfully Stephanie wasn't in so I just relaxed for an hour or so before the girls got back from work. They were very nice congratulating me when they got in and then when they had packed up their final things we ordered two ubers to the new apartment.

It was a couple of subway stops closer to Manhatten on the L train and really nice including rooftop patio! We unpacked and made the beds then desperately needed some dinner so found a small local mexican place for nachos just around the corner. Then finally it was time to crash and in our case that was a mattress on the floor as the apartment didn't have a srewdriver so we couldn't build Caroline's new Ikea bed.

Today was very hectic so the only photo I took was this one during the unpacking of me looking very happy about the days events.

Very happy day

Very happy day

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