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Started the day off in SVO at Oxford Road doing some dirt inclusion surveying. Then Jordan left me off to Gaydon just before lunch, said bye to him and gave him a few 15s which he kept in a tie box due to lack of tupperware.

I then went to B540 and gave them some 15s, said bye to John and Mike. Everyone seemed to be loving them. Then ran to the last ever lunch club with everyone before finally getting to a desk. I finished up with a lot of things, sent some final emails, said bye to Lucy on chat and gave my laptop in.

After giving my laptop in I couldn't do any more work so I met Calum and Amby in the canteen. We had to wait for Nikki who was late out and we also took Anna and Josh's stuff because they are nutters and wanted to run back to Liberty from work.

It doesn't feel real yet that I've finished now, still feel like I'll be back on Monday. But everyone was so hyped for the last big night out that I got in the spirit of things. Shweta and I were hosting pres (despite some resistance from Joel) and I also got to do her hair (and Amby's).

The awkward German boy came really early while we were all still getting ready but eventually a lot more people arrived. There were a lot more people there than usual but it was so much even, and chaotic. Peter, Gavin and Barry also came but had about one drink each and sat on the sofa most of the time. It was also so sweaty but we made it though and got everyone out to Kasbah.

Had a good boogie and a shot or two too many in the club and ended up losing most people but a few hours flew past and then it was a good time for Shweta and I to leav. We had drunk deep chats about the moon and space on the way home and then tidied the kitchen as best we could. When we finished we said goodbye which was sad, but I'll hopefully see her when shes back in Glasgow.

We all got our faces painted again which I took loads of photos of on my own face before wiping it off and getting into bed.

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