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It was a bit of a ropey start to the day but by the time I'd walked to Glasgow Green I was starting to feel a bit better. Met the rest of the committe girls there (or the ones who managed to ger out of bed) then the freshers all arrived.

Trials went well and I was really impressed with a lot of them, think a few people are a bit worried they'll be bumped from their current teams. After trials we had a pit stop at Tesco for some much needed Irn Bru and a donut then went to Stepps for the Come&Try session. There was another really good turn out and feeling positive about it all.

After that Heather left us back into town and then while I was getting showered Lauren text me and we ended up going to Nandos for dinner. Then we did some grocery shopping and then it was back out for hockey round two. Ark are our new sponsors this year (coincidentally with Stuart's new job but it was cool cause he wasnt working tonight), so it was our first night with them.

They got us goodie bags and we had the whole upstairs bit but it was still really cramped. I met two girls who are doing masters/postgrads so it was nice to meet new people who weren't only 17/18. A lot of the freshers/new girls went home after Ark but we convinced a few of them to join us at Lol's. I'd never been before and apart from the Beer Pong tables it was fairly small and average - but we made up most of the people there which suited us.

A lot of us were either still tired from last night or all catching the cold so it wasn't a big wild night but still lots of fun. I went to Stuart's after and had a good giggle, it feels like we're nearly back to normal now.

SUWHC couple

SUWHC couple

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