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Feeling rough this morning - lets never mix drinks again. Stuart went out to get food for breakfast and then I went to uni via mine to get changed. Steve was finally back - Mirza and Steven still don't have a flat so Mirza is commuting from Livi and Steve is staying with his great uncle somewhere past Paisley.

Our first class of 5th year was Energy Resource and Policy - I got put in a group with Steven, Brendan, Merv and Simon. After class Mirza, Steve and I met up with Stuart and went to Bar Home for a catchup and to wait until it was time for Mirza and Steve to go to a flat viewing in the Gorbals.

Phili and her pal were watching Ru Paul's Drag Race which was mind numbing and Michael senior was there again. I headed home and cleaned the flat for Mum and Dad coming tomorrow.

Got ready for Cuff Fest tonight, another night out. There was a decent fresher turnout, mine was called Daisy and she was a great laugh. Anna Irvine and I were both tied to her. Unfortunately and potentially due to a minor error on my part (although that's not confirmed) I lost my phone for a few hours.

So the night changed as I stopped drinking and started searching every inch of the Barony floor whilst also ringing Stuart to locate it to make sure it hadn't been turned off or making its way round Glasgow somewhere.

Finally someone handed it in and I was relieved and sober so headed home. Depsite that though I did have a really good night, my first and last Cuff Fest. I ended up walking Smo back to Anna's flat because she got kicked out so we went to Chilli Thrill then ate over there.

F for Fresher

F for Fresher

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