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Another lazy morning, told myself I'd do work but I just planned assignments and got my diary up to date. Then it was time for hockey, met Lucy and Caleigh at the NCP car park and met the rest of the girls at Uddingston.

What a game. Only been this angry/upset after a game a handful of times in my life. What a horrible team. This was the day Caleigh got shoved and the GoPro video caught it on camera. Got a short corner against us which lead to another and then a goal - all happening after the full time whistle. Even then they were rude, horrible people to play against.

Unfortunately Keogh, Dec and Stuart were there to watch. It was good drama for them but I didn't play that well. Lost 3-2. We went stright to Livi from Uddingston and after trying not to be seen and only having to greet a few people when we got to the house, I sneaked off for a shower and got ready for the party. It was Suzanne's 50th today and it felt like most of the people she knew came to the house at one time or another!

I spent most of the time with either Granny Betty, Auntie Nette, Neil and Ritchie or Keogh, Dec, Keogh and Euan outside. It was a really good night but just felt like all the adults were a lot more durnk than us and we retired to the granny flat after midnight and were both falling asleep so called it a night.

Love this bralet

Love this bralet

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