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Up at 5:45am this morning and just as I was getting my coat on to leave, Lauren came in from her day out yesterday - that she'd been at since 9am yesterday morning. She seemed quite sad I was leaving and she was freezing but was headed straight to bed.

I walked up Buchanan Street to get the bus and either just missed one or got the time wrong but I sat in the cold and dark for about 20mins waiting. Then when the bus arrived it was packed full which explains the delay. The airport was so much busier than I had expected but I guess it is close to Christmas. Had a bacon butty in Spoons and got Mum and Dad's Christmas presents from Stuart in Duty Free.

Flight was good, really quick and we took off during sunrise so it was a beautiful view the whole way. Think I dozed for a wee bit because I jolted awake when we hit the runway in Dublin.

Then I had another wait in Dublin for the bus, which was a slow one home. Dad came to get me from the bus station and then they had a quick turnaround to head to Dublin for the Xilinx Christmas party. I was supposed to fly in tomorrow morning and they would pick me up on the way home but eejit here booked it for a day earlier.

I had just settled on the sofa when I heard Dad come back into the house, only about half an hour since they left...they'd left the tickets at home. So they made it to Dublin on the second attempt.

I fell asleep in front of the TV, then made some dinner and decorated the living room with the minimum Christmas decorations while the Strictly final was on and I had a wee G&T too. I will tackle the tree tomorrow.

Then I had a relaxing bath and watched Love Actually in bed. I am so happy to be back in a comfortable bed with no springs sticking through and central heating which has been on a lot. Home comforts are just one of the best things in life.

Very happy to be home

Very happy to be home

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