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My loud neighbour was being his usual loud snoring self last night and to add to it something I ate flared my IBS so I didnt sleep well.

This morning I just had a light breakfast and another walk round the grounds with Dad. It was a foggy damp day and none of us particularly felt like doing anything so we stayed at the hotel. Spent most of the afternoon tucked in the corner of the sitting room watching people come and go, playing cards and reading our books.

I felt rubbish so had a snooze for an hour at 5pm, then woke up feeling a bit better. Dad and I got a pizza for us all and sneaked it into the room, then we had some more chocolate and played Phase 10. This time I absolutely wiped the floor with both of them, Mum couldn't get past phase 3 the whole time! It was a good laugh.

We watched The Circle on Netlfix which was very thought provoking and a well done movie. I texted Stuart for a bit befofe heading to bed. I wish we called each other more but it seems we're both busy at different times and Stuart seems to have gone a bit nocturnal now he's on Christmas break, having moved home yesterday and got his bedroom back. He was having a late night on CoD.

My loud neighbour was at it again but thankfully this time the TV was off so it was a lot easier to fall asleep than the previous 2 nights!

Comfy, chilled, Christmas

Comfy, chilled, Christmas

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