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property bond bye bye coursework strataviarius bbq 4-0 v st andrews 3s soldering tgis mechanics hangry new metal cba friday night chippy cinema exhausted cotswolds beautiful weather tough match group project erin catchup admin days thankfully not me revising walks ex-hurricane ophelia common room new cousin no gym equal points as ireland at 2nd first day of classes again seeya coventry trials tesco autumn internationals one bloody graph to find back home nap live for the game what are these graphs? squiffy sunset flybe maybe pizza in bed studying all day revision back in glasgow five guys long days secret santa paddle steamer waverely road trip copious cups of tea flying again football uni never ends cleeve common transport museum bonding chill time puregym memorial day remember remember 5th year vodka revolution chocolate weekend last exam soldier on svo glasgow green sunday away days mechanics exam such a long train hockey saturdays revision is tedious christmas chaos wagamamas visit from stu technical paper cundell's country roads weights head scratch came home with change good start parcels hiit
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