Mystery of Life..

by Rishu Is'here October. 16, 2017 511 views

Life is full of choices.. Whenever we feel baffled at any way.. there are numerous other doors opened for us.. What to do is to choose the right path that meets our ethics and abyss interests.. My life has been in one sense so simple and easy when compared to the difficulties of others and at the same time thrilling with the blaze of friends and parents.. Life has been always dragging me through safe zones as i use to wonder if am a blessed being.. Till date i have been enjoying the life up to its zenith having an optimistic approach on every events that happened in my life.. I am a person who believes in the concept that every frailty happens for a better reason.. Just keep elated forgetting the worries. Ostensibly it takes time for everything to get mended up.. Life will cuddle you its love with bitter pains.. Lights out.. Music On.. Get the blanket.. Forget the worries.. Love Loads...

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