Wednesday in Transylvania - The Airport

by R J Poole July. 03, 2017 1113 views

In this story the word ‘Wednesday’ is not a day of the week, but a name.

Though I may occasionally refer to this day, unless otherwise stated, ‘Wednesday’ will hereafter mean Nicola Kane – at least that’s who I think she is.

Nicola Kane, aka Wednesday, Miss Kane, Citizen Kane, Lady K, Nic, Nico…. is a High School teacher on holidays, yet in her spare time she collaborates with me to create photographic art – at least that’s what I think she does.

We’re going to Romania to do a photo shoot – but we’re still waiting to board the plane.

Blending seamlessly with the airport crowd, Wednesday’s porcelain white skin, straight hair and glasses give an eerie impression of someone returning to Dracula’s Castle – not visiting.

Other passengers keep their distance and we enjoy some seats to ourselves.

I call Wednesday ‘Wednesday’ because she reminds me of the little girl in the original Addams Family series.

The similarities however, don’t stop there!

Who else would you take to Transylvania to project your alter ego in front of a camera, but someone whose nature is strangely suited to the task?

“Do I know you?” I ask her flippantly.

“WTF” (face of confusion)

“My name’s Rod – Rod Poole”

“Ah Yes – I know. You’re an artist - right?” (mocking tone)

“How did you know?”

“We’ve worked together for over four years!” (mordant laughter)

While we hadn’t yet arrived in Transylvania, I had a feeling of having already entered another world. A world I now shared with an eccentric teacher, her multiple identities and the challenge of photographing them all in Romania.

For a moment I’m filled with trepidation.

Will I find my way around the Carpathian Mountains? Will I be able to get the shots I want?

Will I actually be up to travelling with Wednesday in Transylvania?

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